Friday, 4 January 2013

Raise Your Glass

I like that I was born in January, and the 4th day of the year at that! It gives me the privilege to do all the stock-taking, goal setting, vision-writing all at once by the start of the new year and most times I wait till the 3rd or 4th as that starts another countdown for me. So today, I’ll be taking stock of my life, some pruning here and there, think about adding more virtues, write goals, reflect on days past and give thanks.
This one is a bit different though as I step into another decade, I see this as a landmark. Gradually, I’m getting old and moving into my mid-year phase, God be praised. The way time rolls beat me, when was it that I was 18, just some few years ago now. I can’t forget the excitement as I went to register for my voters’ card, if I could get drivers’ license without driving knowledge I could have done that that very year, I felt like an adult, a very young one but here I am now, everything reminds me I’m no longer that young especially these market women; those days they call out and say ‘sisi mi, e ba mi ra eja o’ but in the last few months all I hear from them is ‘mama aburo, e ba mi ra eja o’. Most times I chuckle when I hear that, Bimbola is suddenly mama aburo and mind you, I take no ‘aburo’ to the market. It’s just plainly obvious I’m no longer ‘sisi mi’
I’ve come this far by God alone, what do I have that I have not received? Nothing! God has kept watch over me and all that is mine, I’m so grateful.  I really wish I could throw a party and dance wild. You know that kind of dancing like it’s a Sony Sound System Advert? Hands in the air swinging wide, head thrown back and forth, heart throbbing hard, loud barring music with a glass of whatever in hand…but erm… I get cold feet when I think about it; I should honestly try this, get me some good lyrics and just dance out my heart. I should, God deserves more praise.
It’s been quite a journey but I’m here today, happy and grateful. I’ve had my shares of failures, I count them as events, no big deal, every day is a new chance. I’ve had my shares of broken trust but ain’t we all humans? I’m sure I would have failed some people too. I’m blessed with an awesome family and friends that have so much love and hugs to throw around…I’m grateful.
 I found God and love him better each day, one good reason to be grateful.  I’m gradually settling down in a niche that suits me ( a bit late, right), yet I’m grateful.
So for all that has been; my happy moments, trying periods, secret pains, loving relationships, God’s blessings and faithfulness, I want to take make a toast, yes, I'm taking that honour by myself for myself. So raise your glass while I make the toast; a toast to a better life, a life of love that overflows to all around me, a life that speaks volume of God’s original intention for man, a toast to a beautiful home and another journey of a better decade.

I love this image a lot. I put it up when I get really happy. I couldn't resist putting it up 


  1. Splendid write up. I have known you for this. A bunch of inspiration. I raise my glass to your toast. CHEERS!!1

  2. Hello Dear,

    What a wonderful article indeed,it doesn't seems as if one is reading but just like a Movie.

    My joy for you as I see you soar to the highest point as you can.

    Best regards

    Collins O'lekan

    1. Olamilekan, thanks for the kind words. and for coming here also

  3. That picture is one fabulous picture. You are not late at all on finding your niche, many go through their whole life not knowing their purpose, so you are privileged. We are privileged to know our purpose! I wish you the very best in this new decade you have entered.

    1. Thank you, thank you. We indeed are privileged

  4. omolara ajala brown4 January 2013 at 19:25

    Woman of God,u are precious and always loved,the world is waiting to see you u loads

  5. Great pics darlin!all
    d expressions in dis pics wil surely become your experience n much more in Jesus name!Hip !Hip !Hip!Hurrah!Loads of Love dearie!

  6. Duchess Olubukola5 January 2013 at 05:40

    Beautiful Writeup! U have a wonderful way with words! We Jan 4 pips rocks! Happy Bday to us once again!