Friday, 19 April 2013

Still like a child

The heat has been almost unbearable for a while and the rain would bring so much relief, everyone desired that and so it rained, as the droplets were hitting my roof, only one thing was on my mind; to get into the rain.

It was in the night and I was supposed to be sleeping, sleep also chose to elude me this particular night, so I was there on my bed wishing I was in the rain. I craved the taste of rain water and only the showers of rain could soothe my skin like I wanted that night but I wouldn’t get into that rain, I’m a grown woman plus someone’s  missis.  Sigh! So much for growing up!

I miss the little girl that I was; I was a child and nothing else!!

I could stay in the rain or choose to run around in it or even dance in it, or better still, cup my hands under a heavy downpour and just gulp the rain let-down (oh my! That used to be heavenly, now don’t tell me you haven’t tried that, I did over and over again)

I miss the days we would sing and run and chase each other on the bushy roads that led to our home.  We could trek any distance and never felt the pain; I could do many things and not be bothered about what others might think of us!

I miss the days of our pardonable mischief as children; days when we would stay behind dad’s bedroom window whispering and giggling till he shouts “E s’ere lo o” (Please go and play somewhere else) –and that was our ticket to freedom, we would not be back till dusk from wherever we decided “somewhere else” was.

Childhood was fun! Pure fun! No techie stuff to play with, but I had fun I must say.

“Grow up and leave childhood behind”, right? I have, but I packed a baggage full of my childlike ways to last me a life-time.

I still dance to an audience of one; and that’s me! And if you walk in on me at that time, God bless you, you can enjoy the free show as I hardly stop. And I still shamelessly beat the table as I shout my songs ( I really can’t call that singing)   like we used to do then and I still make faces, there is hardly any face contortion I haven’t tried.

I like little children for many reasons but I like them more for one reason, they are children!

A child has no worries, a child doesn’t “think” about it, a child is easily persuaded, a child moves on easily. I am trying hard to not think too much about things this day and just do it being fully persuaded that I can trust God like a child trusts the parent.

The baggage I packed from childhood couldn’t contain so many things but I’m grateful for the ones I stuffed in, I will acquire more as the journey demands, kids are fun and I just want to keep the fun in my life, simple!

And dear rain, I may get into you any time soon, especially if you choose to fall in the evening of one of the weekends, cross my heart!!
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  1. lol. *smile. Lovely post. The innocence of childhood...

    1. Thanks for the compliment. So good to have you here

  2. I love this post. My sister, Mrs Gaska has always said I am a grown woman going on a toddler. Like 40 something going on 2 years old. I don't vex becos I know she means I am child-like in my ways. Not child-ish.

    Sere lo jo! I smiled at that.

    I agree sha.

    Let's go play. Sometimes, Life is too serious. Play is needed.

    1. Yes ma, some of us would always be child-like at heart, like forever!! Thanks

  3. This got me smiling from the very beginning 'cos it felt like my childhood memories were awakened. I really miss those days and sometimes I wish I could sneak back to live a day or two of it. Thanks for the memory. Grateful for those times..

    1. Aaaww! except that we are not allowed to go sneak into past years. Thanks for coming by