Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sista oh sista!!!

Sista oh  sista!!!

I get attracted to fine girls easily; now don’t blame me, who won’t? When I see or I’m chanced to meet someone who has taken the pains to groom her body well, I get to look at her and pass a smile, and in my head and heart, I give her a big thumb up, especially if everything is well coordinated, the colours not running wild or the make-up amuck. Well I am still working on being chic, so I keep looking at those who’ve mastered the arts.

                But beyond the arts, sisters, we need to up our game! In recent times, I have met ladies who were all beauty alone, sustaining a healthy conversation was almost impossible. When discussions moved beyond make-up and fashion, you would be shocked at their level of ignorance. Some were not even the fashionistas, they just didn’t know any other thing beyond their tiny world. Alright, I know for the very spiritual sistas-sista, you are quick to say those stuffs are not part of your bible or of your academics, but I tell you Jesus knew the ways of the world around him; he just didn’t walk in them.

Maybe it’s me, but ignorance gets at me. I was brought up to read the newspapers daily and to at least watch the popular NTA news, I am not saying you should read the papers daily though but stay informed. Some little things matter, I have met some fine girl who didn’t know who Tambuwal was, another once asked if Chimamanda was a movie star, then one very spiritual sis was discovered to not have ever heard of Farouk Lawan. Hmmn! How would you ever pass an interview please?

The uncurious woman is boring and the easiest to forget, I tell you. Don’t tell me it’s no big deal because it is. You see, the most attractive part of any woman (and man too) is the brain. So work more on that, groom your body but groom your brain and spirit more. Beyond the Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin labels, your level of reasoning and intellect would put you ahead of others and bring you respect and cause you to sit in high places especially when God is on your team too.

And please sisters, don’t you ever think marriage is the ultimate prize for you as a woman, living out your dreams and purpose is. Being a Mrs. won’t automatically bring you better fortunes you would still have to work at it. So why not start now? More so, if your hubby would sit at the gate with elders, it’s pertinent that you know what the elders discuss. Else, you will either end up with a guy who like you, has no business at the elders council or with one whom you will accessorize his house and will be comfortable parading your beauty to his friends and colleagues. I don’t know which could be more frustrating.
Read books and read articles more, I discovered that articles are easier to read than books, they are always short and precise. Make google your friend; it has taught me countless things.
                Sista-oh-sista, don’t just be spiritual. Know a little of everything, and live a happily interesting life. Christianity is not synonymous to mediocrity or a boring life.
Image credits: Eightworks Photgraphy 070-3726-7713
Model: Uduak Umanah

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