Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Mirror and the pearl

Frantically through my teens I searched, and search did I. I was looking for me (and now do not laugh at me but that was what I was looking for). It was that moment of my life when I frankly needed a definition to my existence and for some reasons I had a long search, I searched into my twenties and what a search it was.
I just could not come to understand for what reason was my stay on this side of eternity, so I wanted to be like someone else. It could have been easier if that 'someone else' was just one person; but no man or woman was a totality of the picture conceived in my heart, so there was no man I could echo or duplicate even if I wanted to, because my ideals were a bit of who A represents, a little of B, a fragment of K, and a chunk of X and it was more frustrating than interesting.
I can't indubitably say "click!|" this was the time I hit it, it was more of a journey and I am here now. What I found was a mirror and it just reflected a pearl; me!
The mirror refused me to duplicate someone else but precisely evinced who I am and the totality of what I can be if I choose to work at it, it presented to me the summation of all that my heart desires.
The mirror got me to see clearer, I got to know I am to live in dominion, reign in my world, live like a king whose personality I share and get transformed into the beauty of an image that minds cannot comprehend.
That mirror is my bible, it makes me see myself in the right perspective; a treasure. I am not yet accomplished; everyday as I search through its pages, I discover this pearl gets more refined. 
I am unique and work is always in progress on this gem; my manufacturer told me so!
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