Monday, 30 April 2012

Amiable Jonathan

Now before you judge me, let me be quick to say that I am not a supporter of His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan not because I do not come from Otueke and its environs but because I thought of him as a weakling and still do, although now I have more adjectives for him including wicked and coward.

Looking back into our last 10 months as a nation, we have been thrown from one state of rumpus to another and all can be traced back to the leaders that we chose in 2011. I would have loved to say that the present leadership of this nation was imposed on us but truth be told, these unworthy leaders (or sorry, rulers- as they are not leading anyone)   made their way up to the presidency because we did not set our priorities right as a nation; we voted based on sentiments.

I did not vote for the ruling party because they had no ideals that were sellable to me.  It was heart breaking for me to discover at the polling booth then that majority of the older generation came out en-masse to vote for Goodluck because no one from his side of the country had never been president, and some thought Jonathan is amiable. Such sentiments!

I have been thinking so much about this amiable president that we have, he has failed the country in many ways but he has not let down the people who think he is amiable. He has proven that he is readily agreeable; Goodluck Jonathan has not for once stood up against the enemies of our country or the citizens. He has been cordial with the menace in this society, from Boko Haram bombings to unending looting of the national treasury. It’s not his fault; he is simply amiable.

The North is on fire, and our amiable President looks away, when he says anything about the bombings, you almost can read his speech along side with him “We commiserate with the family of the bereaved….” And that line that I detest because it’s not true “we are on top of the situation”

There was no 51st anniversary of independence because even GEJ was afraid of Boko Haram, Corp members have been denied of the glamour of their Passing out Parade because we all do not know where and when the next bombs would go off, yet Jonathan is on top of the situation. Is our amiable Jonathan planting the bombs himself because I do not know why he claims to be on top of the situation when these bombings are escalating?

I do not agree that GEJ is amiable; ask Azazi, the President is busy fighting him while Boko Haram has a field day. I do not think GEJ is amiable; ask Timipre Sylva, he was ousted out of the looting business because he had issues with our amiable President. Jonathan finds his way around things he wants, like waiting around for the exit or demise of his boss and befriending those who would install him or chasing away protesters at any point.

My dad voted Goodluck in 2011 because he thinks he is good natured; the last time I asked him to appraise the good natured president, the old man sighed and said “may God help us in this nation, this man is something else”.

These days, I miss the days of OBJ, he had his flaws and many shortcomings and he was obviously not amiable but we were not being bombed, and I also thought if MGB had won the elections, may be we would never had heard of Boko Haram not because he is from the north but because he does not befriend the cabals and would not have danced to their tunes.

2015  (if we would correct this misatke of a presidency) looks like a decade away from now because our losses would not be quantifiable by then if our amiable president keeps looking the other way as his friends; the cabals, loot and bomb the nation.


  1. Well said.....I hope people will vote differently come 2015. Well done.

  2. It's time to say No to the ruling party cos it's heading us nowhere. This nation needs LEADERS and not RULERS.